Awakening Shakti The Transformative Power Of The Goddesses Of Yoga -

awakening shakti the transformative power of the - sally kempton has been studying and teaching the wisdom of yoga for 40 years a highly regarded teacher of meditation and spiritual philosophy she writes the popular yoga journal column wisdom known for her gift of making yogic wisdom relevant to daily life and for transmitting deep states of meditation she teaches retreats and teleclasses internationally, the shakti coloring book goddesses mandalas and the - the term shakti refers to the creative power of divinity what artist and teacher ekabhumi charles ellik calls the electric juice of life shakti is personified by an array of revered goddesses who represent universal virtues and archetypal energies we all share the shakti coloring book was created to help you begin to activate the transformational currents of this sacred power in your, awakening your kundalini with raja choudhury the shift - in awakening your kundalini spiritual teacher raja choudhury will offer you potent practical insights into working with this powerful shakti energy safely and harmoniously to deepen and enrich your experience of life as you embark on this divine dance of awakening raja who s been initiated in many lineages and received various transmissions that empowered him as a spiritual teacher has, wicca resources list books audio video dvd wicca - this wicca resources list includes all the books audio and video resources listed elsewhere on the wicca spirituality website plus i ve included other excellent sources that aren t yet mentioned on the site but will be at some point because they are worth the attention for ease of reference, the 2018 minneapolis yoga conference tula - dianne bondy is a celebrated yoga teacher social justice activist and leading voice of the yoga for all movement her inclusive view of yoga asana and philosophy inspires and empowers thousands of followers around the world regardless of their shape size ethnicity or level of ability